Tesla Rolls Out Cheaper Models X, S with Less Range

Tesla has launched a cheaper Model X and Model S options with less range. The automaker revived the “standard range” trim level on its two most expensive models, which cuts $10,000 from the price and around 80 miles from the EV range.

With the latest option, the Model S is now available with a starting price of $78,490 with a 320-mile range, while the Model X now goes for $88,490 with 269 miles of range. For the Model S, that’s down from $88,490 with 405 miles of range, and for the Model X, it’s down from $98,490 and 348 miles of range.

Previously discontinued in 2021 when Tesla started only selling the extended range and high-performance Plaid kits, the new Standard Range trim weighs the same amount as the extended range option according to the Model S and Model X product pages.

What this probably means is that the vehicles sport the same battery pack, but a limited range of software lock. Tesla might allow owners to unlock additional range after the purchase for the price difference.

The latest in a series of worldwide price adjustments made by Tesla over the last 12 months is leading to a decline in gross margins.

The company cut the price of the Model Y and Model 3 several times over the past year. The higher-end Model S and Model X saw price reductions, too. This move is different because it’s the first time Tesla would cut the price and the range to offer vehicles at a lower price point.

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