Supermarket Closes Following Discovery Of Spider Linked To Long, Painful Erections

A big shop in Austria shut down operations because they saw a spider whose bite is believed to cause long, painful erections in men.

The spider can make men’s private parts hurt for a long time. The shop is called Penny Shop and it’s in Austria. They found the spider with black and red colours among bananas.

People who help in emergencies come quickly to the shop. They thought the spider could be a really bad one from Brazil. This kind of spider hides in banana shipments and comes to new places. Someone who knows how to get rid of bugs was called to close the banana boxes so the spider couldn’t run away.

People say the shop might stay closed until next week. The shop’s bosses are cleaning everything well before opening again.

Even though they looked a lot, they couldn’t find the spider. The spider from Brazil is one of the worst spiders. Its bite can make people very sick and sometimes even die. People who get bitten can feel cold, see things blurry, and shake a lot. The strangest thing is that sometimes men get private parts that hurt and stay hard for a long time.

People who study things think maybe the spider’s bite could help men who can’t get their private parts hard. They want to see if the spider’s bite can help make a special medicine for this problem.

The spider usually hides when it’s bright outside and comes out at night to find food. It eats small animals, like insects and mice. Every year, around 4,000 people get bitten by this spider. Some of them get very sick and a few even die.

The spider from Brazil is famous because it’s one of the most dangerous spiders in the world. It’s in a big book that keeps records of things like this.

This spider doesn’t make a web-like others. It walks around the ground looking for food at night. Sometimes it goes into houses and cars in cities and scares people.

Remember the story about a spider in bananas from the shop Tesco? Another time someone found a spider leg sticking out of their banana.

Could this scary spider come to Nigeria? Watch out, because sometimes things that are far away can come closer than we think!

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