It would be an honor to tour Africa – Judith Gayle

Judith Gayle was born in Clarendon, Jamaica. The America- based popular international gospel singer found solace in music and began a journey in the 1980’s singing background for secular artists such as Richie Stephens. She rose to prominence as a cabaret singer in Jamaica’s most prestigious hotels. In 1999, Judith was invited by a friend to a local church in Clarendon. According to her, it was there her life changed “as God captivated my heart”. From her own account, Judith’s early years as a young Christian brought seemingly unbearable servings of loss, heartache, despair, fear, pain, struggle and suffering. Judith said: ‘’having been stripped of everything and isolated in misery, I was forced to grab hold of a holy boldness in God, who taught me how to smile again”

In 2007Judith as an international gospel singer/songwriter, was nominated for the “Mahalia Jackson” award in Canada.  With hard work, she placed 2nd in the 2008 Jamaica National Song Festival with the song “Mi Nah Lef Jamaica” and in 2009, she was named Female Artist of the Year in Jamaica. In the same year, Judith captured the MegaJamz Gospel Awards Artist of the Year in Jamaica. Two years later, she copped the Atlanta Gospel Music Award for Best Collaboration. Going further in her harvest of awards, in 2015, Judith was awarded the “Trail Blazer Award” from Gospel Vibes Radio in Connecticut.  Also in 2015, Judith made appearance at the famed Apollo Theater in Harlem, New York, singing alongside some of America’s greats, including Vickie Winans.

Her mega hit “Give Me Jesus” has become an anthem at concerts, radio stations and on YouTube where it has amassed over 7 million views, an achievement that is second to none among Caribbean gospel artists. Judith has so far captivated her fans with 7 albums and about to release her 8thalbum on December 9th, 2023. She is also an author and humanitarian. The singer has published two inspiring and challenging books

Judith speaks exclusively to Green Savannah Diplomatic Cable about the journey of her life and the 8th album titled “How Excellent”


Judith Gayle
Judith Gayle

What is the story behind your career as a singer?

I know I was born with the gift, and I am using it for the Glory of God. My mom told me stories of how she would travel with me on public transportation in Jamaica, and how I used to sing. And in return the passengers would give her money for me. I believe God was training me back then to stand before the world; it started small on the passenger vehicle, but God perfected it

In a viral video, you mentioned that along your path, you saw some sour fruits thrown at you. Would you like to shed more lights on it?

That has to do with the things one experienced in this journey of life. I describe them as sour fruits. Is like they had taste, and it wasn’t pleasant ones, but I used the bad and made the good out of it. It is said when life throws lemon at you, use the lemon to make lemonade. I did exactly that, and it was worth it after all.

You have been consistent with your musical career what does the album you are launching means to you?

It means the world right now. Many people gave up after the pandemic, only a few stayed and glorified this Excellent God I talk about in my new album. I am still breathing after all that pandemic excitement, I will sing of His excellent greatness.

What are you doing to groom younger talents?

Teaching them that the first step to success is to keep the two main ingredients in the receipt of success constant in their life in the mix, they are called “obedience, and humility.”

Where do you want to see your music in the next five years?

Reaching the heart and soul of the human race; delivering them to see and know Jesus for who He is. He is the source of life; so many refuse to accept that.

Tell us what you are  doing to give back to the society?

Changing lives through the little I have. People are always in need, so what I can give whether in words or deeds, I will. I will start with the youth, because they are our future. I will impart in them good values, most of all to be positive, I if they get that, it is a great contribution.

Is there a plan for you to visit Africa in the nearest future?

I have been to one part so far, and that is Ghana. When the time is right, it would be an honor to tour Africa, I hope someone will make me and my team an offer. When that happens, I know God will say yes, it’s time.

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